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veggies said 0 and the cheese is one poin

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One has four and points 4 serving services 17 and because I know many in full this and perhaps arm some strawberries and blueberries and I have to tablespoons an alarm yogurt and I'm gonna mix in with and I'm using down and lay and fit than the last Labor and ready to comity and table spoons and younger its 0 and their point as well so Britannia out former and then cheeses by baking mistakes and then on the male we have the hacker have couple and skim milk and that's one point cell we're talking about a seven point to practice here and this is a lot from each cell just wanted to give you guys a little insane I what and his the breakfast and just an alternative if he isn't doing the wheel arch St something you can eat I'm okay a thirty years later thank hey guys this is Liz and I just wanted to show you <a href="http://realxrenewadvice.com/">Real X Renew</a> what I’m having for breakfast I today is my niece second week a Weight Watchers law and it’s Monday so I'm starting my second week on week electors and I just wanted to show you what I’m having for breakfast and I woke up a little later than usual so I'm pretty hungry and downs since and we have 30 eight points for the whole day oh my god one point from the made previous week because they didn't lose some pounds I’m me so I just wanted to show you that you can eat all this and still you know I'm them half-point over for breakfast I mean for lunch and dinner cell I'm-gonna start off with this these ear egg whites home way it from salsa and then a pretty good right and cheese on top and a cease-fire home the three egg whites are one point where all three so that's great thus also is just veggies said 0 and the cheese is one point and here I have I 18 rap I guess you can say it has it's flour tortilla and down three slices a deli ham I'm asking me a deli ham and lettuce and tomato and instead have mail or anything.

asked Jun 10, 2014 in Education by breetlee (120 points)
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