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11 and now it's 7.5 or a would you feel like you

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Lines are right the representation I've averages are a lot of tens of thousands of points that are smoothed out to this line so they're always be people who hit that BMI who are at risk writes like people maybe who smoke you don't get cancer people have a high genetic predisposition to heart attack and don't get it on average I think BMI's a relative indicator risk so daunting give you the idea but not for everybody on the other hand to say that you would then take those data and say that's what your weight goal should be seems misguided so I know it's easier for me to say then for folks to do but I'm not sure it a lot of attention to anybody who gives you away loss goal including yourself right it's gotta be informed about the context about what what's the level for what's the level on it's going to take to do that and again what's the outcome for some people they're willing to put in eleven <a href="http://bleusapphirefacialserum.com/">Bleu Sapphire Facial Serum</a> plus every day other people say you know 789 funny for me so I would just try to feel supported and the fact that you’re going to know this better than others and a land to be comfortable with that you might have somebody in trying to give another analogy in a medical condition let's say somebody had diabetes and a very good piece of data says that’s better if you're a 1c which is a measure of ninety day blood sugar should be below us up but for five years you're a1c was 11 and now it's 7.5 or a would you feel like you fail because you're not below seven maybe this is the best you can do the best between the behavior doing in the biology you're given so too long-winded answer to say I get item I would try to make that a very personal decision and try not to have your friends colleagues or you be as affected by what somebody sort maybe with good data or good intent told you but I just don’t think it's very practical I'm hits from Dallas Texas you actually are meddling with me because I have 10pounds to lose to be normal okay.

asked Jun 11, 2014 in Computers & Internet by shauntait (120 points)
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