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Switching therapy or am lowering the dose or making sure that the patients not hopeful Kylee make which certainly increases your risk and clinicians certainly should be aware **** interactions with method on another drugs that prolong the QT interval okay here's the 64,000 our question how the heck do we switch from method on to another LP I'd actually want to convert the patient in a manner that we can achieve pain relief as quickly as possible but not increase the risk have immediate or delayed toxicity one thing I can tell you for sure you can take to the bank is the conversion from other opiates to methadone is not linear what do we mean by that well for example if you're looking at tie-up <a href="http://testcoreprohealthuk.com/">Testcore Pro</a> analgesic dosing chart you would see that thirty milligrams oar morphine is thought to be about equivalent to 20 milligrams or hydrocodone and you could say 60% of morphine is 40 a box you could say 302 for a more finished two hundred Hydrocodone and other words its linear that is not the case with methadone the higher the OPI dose a patient is receiving the more quote potent methadone becomes what do we mean by more potent it doesn't mean more effective it just means and it refers to the equivalent dose to get the same effect so the more you increase the other cooperatively speaking by ratio you need less and less methadone why does this happen why does methadone become more powerful with increasing prior exposure to other opiates well let's look at some other reasons why this happens first we know that the molecular structure and chemical characteristics at method on may alter.

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