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We don't like someone and then you got the audience cheering for them it's a ridiculous juxtaposition so but anyway they tried it idea and at some point Joe hear it no matter what right so after three actually they told us to Goji Vita go to our trailer I didn’t know what was going on and then the producers are like it's not working you were right then we should do not have an audience yet but they said to the audience were so sorry but we have to dismiss you because it's not working in the at the door is very smart in the producers because as if they just barreled through it the show wannabes good so they did what was good for the show I know some people were pissed because they only had two hours there where they would have had like maybe five but here not so was more than enough jacket worried that thing was going to go to 70 sexual glad to all I cared about was seeing you would marry and those act I don't care about them I just want to see you Marianne right so work from have not yet had yeah he I just like you that's what most people want most people wanted to see me anyway so yeah we're couple the elderly people who were unhappy that it was in four hours long……

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