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Difficult for doctors to diagnose future stomach problems such as cancer leading all-stars Politzer tumors many bariatric patients may also require plastic surgery after losing so many pounds doctor barrel harbor performs another type of procedure the scholastic ring vertical gas to passed in the eighties this was the most common type restrictive surgery but now the least popular today Loretta rouse who weighs 270pounds take the risk a surgery to feel and look better when I want doctor Herbert he tell me that it was something that would that would change my life forever me ask me why I really want the surgery and I coating it was for my grandkids cut I want to seethe grow old I want to be here for them we surgically create a small culture small chamber in the upper portion of the stomach thesis done by putting in a vertical row staples in at the bottom of this chamber or pouch that we make we put aside last a grim I'm going to put the staple gun down in and we're going to guided with one blade under the stomach one blade on top of this dynamic now we're going to fire the gun which will then insert four rows of staples vertically into the stomach that pouch does not hold very much foods soon as that pouch fills up with solid food the individual is no longer hungry or begins to feel satiny bit full and stop cheating.

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