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Trying to start a natural athlete Elias and a you know were taking donations I they didn't really **** test me in really short s double burger junior answers from other people but they basically got a bunch of lack her what they're doing I know the organization's want to cooperate so they pretty much shut down so I'll yeah I didn't read them all season ****-testing be great um but me is one of those days where it’s like is very difficult to implement laws that sounds good game is a difficult word yeah I definitely understand what I mean is a little different least from my experience from Canadian competitions to you American competitions mostly American competitions that I entered been polygraph testing yeah I love the Canadian ones a percent is very low here protesting what they do is more your testing so were you one of the worst US shoes will do is build dole polygraph everybody in the urine test the winners mutton were your thoughts on the actual polygraph test you know what that when Gerry has some people tend to believe some promoters or more after financial gains so right is a polygraph test are as significant or as good as some other testing should be we are opinions on polygraph testing you think it's actually significant or can catch people that are actually cheating all summer I think a deadly game cut has caught people %uh okay got quite a few people I don't jeans carrying up in the air the opened on Cape.

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