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Leading Ten Benefits Of Blogging

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Choose a Topic for Your Blog - Before you can begin blogging for money, you'll need to decide what it is you want your blog to be about. There are two main factors to consider here. The first is what you actually enjoy and have an interest in. The second is what has the potential to make you money.

4) Market your blog: advertising is essential in learning how to how to start a blog. Even with the right content, you have to find ways of attracting and retaining readers.

create a blog on your business. Upload product reviews and keep it updated everyday. This is a great way to connect with your customers and keep the traffic going steady to your website. Like other types of marketing, though, you must update everyday for it to work best.

Once you've determined that a how to start a blog is a good one to work with, your next goal will be to get traffic. An important way to do this is to find excellent keywords for your content. First, start a blog or a website on the subject you chose. Then, find a good keyword. Try to reserve your domain name or blog URL if it is a free service with the keyword in it.

I wanted to complete the template options for my blog before writing my first post so I clicked on the Layout Tab. This opened a page where I could add and arrange page elements (now called Gadgets on Blogger). The template, by default, includes a title block, an about me section, blog archive and an area where your posts will appear. I wanted to delete the about me section, so I clicked on edit and then selected delete and save. At this point I wanted to see the resulting blog as it appeared so far. I did this using the preview tab which opened a new window. Alternatively you can select "view blog" at the top of the page. The "view blog only" option shows changes after they have been changed.

One of the most important steps people with a blog can do is to market their blog. Anyone interested in how to make money needs to market and promote whatever they want to make money with. Posting is an easy way to market your blog, but you should use other ways as well. Using keywords is a great way to do this. If you do not market your blog at all, no one will be able to find it, which means you will not be able to sell your product.
asked Sep 28, 2014 by DeeIliffe (120 points)
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